The ultimate finish - with our light-weight structure-plaster ClimateActivePaint StuccoTex

Suitable for the surface - with StuccoPrimer!

With StuccoPrimer the sucking features of the surface are reduced and adhesion of StuccoTex becomes possible on almost all surfaces. The processing is simple: just using the brush or sheepskin roller.

Easy, fast, and extremely weather resistant – this is a decorative plaster in the processing and in its properties.

StuccoTex is applied with a trowel to the wall. The decorative plaster, available in almost every pastel tint, is brought up and leveled about the grain, but not rubbed. The innovative decorative plaster with a high share of ceramic bubbles reduces thermal stress, so it may also be used on demanding substrates such as e.g.wood. StuccoTex maybe repainted with ClimateActivePaint ThermoProtect or History in any color. Colour limitations are not applicable.

StuccoTex decorative plaster system

  •   reduces thermal stresses
  •   crack filling and covers cracks
  •   variable vapour permeable and moisture-regulating
  •   prevents algae, moss, fungus and pollution
  •   resistant against environmental pollution such as smog, ozone, salts and acids
  •   thermal snugly in the summer
  •   energy saving in winter
  •   dirt repellent
  •   extended renovation intervals
  •   VOC-poor and free of organic solvents
  •   easy to process



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